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Jolly Phonics

ISBN 10 : 1844141624
ISBN 13 : 9781844141623


Jolly Songs

ISBN 10 : 1844140792
ISBN 13 : 9781844140794

A fun and interactive way of helping your child learn the 42 letter sounds of English. Each letter sound has a short song and an action. Sung in American English...

Jolly Phonics

ISBN 10 : 1844140717
ISBN 13 : 9781844140718

This 8 part DVD covers all 42 letter sounds taught in Jolly Phonics...

The Effects Of Jolly Phonics On Kindergarten Early Literacy Skills

ISBN 10 : OCLC:436774188
ISBN 13 :

The purpose of tis study was to see how Jolly Phonics, a systematic synthetic phonics program, affect students' early literacy skills, specifically in the area of phonics. This stu..

Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze

ISBN 10 : 1844140458
ISBN 13 : 9781844140459

The Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze is ideal for learning the 42 letter sounds, not just the alphabet. The seven sections can be put up one by one or together. Each picture can also be c..

Jolly Phonics Word Book

ISBN 10 : 1844140288
ISBN 13 : 9781844140282

"The Jolly Phonics Word Book provides groups of words that are helpful in teaching children to read and write. They can be used in blending practice and dictation, as well as in te..